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Helping the World to see

The International charity Vision Aid Overseas was founded in 1985; established by a group of Optometrists and Opticians from the UK to provide visual services in Third World countries. The group had volunteered their services briefly in Tanzania and whilst working there, they had quickly realised the desperate need for accessible eye care services in the Third World countries.

Based in the UK, it receives no government funding and has relied solely on donations over the last twenty seven years. Vision Aid Overseas believes that all individuals should have the right to an eye test and visual aids if required. With over 670 million people worldwide affected by untreated visual problems, this means ten percent of the world’s population are adversely affected by poor vision. These visual problems affect their daily living bringing disability, the inability to work and poverty.

Vision Aid Overseas believes in stopping poverty through providing eye tests and glasses to people who desperately need to move forward from their visual disability allowing them to study, work and continue successfully with their lives Vision Aid Overseas has achieved this goal through establishing International Vision Centres where detailed eye tests and affordable glasses are provided. The glasses are made onsite at the centres which keeps the production costs low but still enables the manufacture of high quality glasses.

Optical Workshop Developing is also used to provide individuals with essential visual testing and treatment, this is provided through the training of local Health Care workers. The local workers are specially trained in the necessary skills which then enable them to provide detailed eye examinations and eye care provision directly to the people within their own communities.

The establishment of Outreach services by UK eye professionals has also allowed this provision to be extended to the more remote rural areas outwith the established services. Over the last twenty seven years Vision Aid Overseas has worked in twenty six different countries and helped over one million people. They have opened direct service clinics in twenty three countries, providing over 600,000 eye tests which have directly resulted in over 350,000 people getting glasses.

They are working and succeeding in transforming people’s lives, helping them to access services which enable them to continue in their daily lives free of the disability of visual problems.

If you would like to donate your old frames please send them to us at Blackheath Eyecare Opticians.

Please visit the Vision Aid Overseas website to find out more about how they help develop and promote sustainable eyecare services around the world.