EyeDoctor Eye Compress Treatment Pack [includes FREE eyelid wipes] – Mask

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Product Description

EyeDoctor Eye Compress Treatment Pack [includes FREE eyelid wipes] – Mask

A clinically proven treatment for MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye disease, Chalazion (eyelid cysts) and the associated symptoms, grittiness, irritation and sore eyes. Use cold for hay fever, inflammation, headaches and migraines.

The Eye Doctor Premium hot eye compress helps relieve symptoms of various eye conditions and complications. Filled with BodyBeads self-hydrating technology. This product can be used in excess of 365 times and can be heated in both the microwave and oven.

The Eye Doctor Premium hot eye compress features Sterileyes. Sterileyes is an antibacterial shield on the compress, clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. The patented solution is bound to the fibres of the fabrics to protect the eyes from potentially harmful bacteria.

Product Features

  • Resusable + 365 times and includes a 6 day supply of the Eye Doctor Eyelid wipes
  • Adjustable comfort strap, pouch for safe, clean, dry storage and a hygienic removable, washable cover.
  • Safety tested for oven & microwave use, with Revolutionary new BodyBeads self – hydrating fill

Additional Information

Proper usage of contact lenses and this product will result in no adverse reactions typically.

If this product was not recommended by your eye health care professional, please seek advice before use.

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