Choosing the right frame

When choosing a new frame it is important to consider your face shape. Certain frames will enhance your features while others may not make you look your best. Below is a guide to the most common face shapes and the frame styles that will look the best on you.

To determine your face shape, you can sit in front of a mirror with your hair pulled away from your face, and have a friend draw an outline of your face with a dry erase marker directly on the mirror. The resulting outline should give you a rough idea of how your face is shaped. Don’t have the time to do this? Don’t worry! Our opticians here at Blackheath Eyecare are trained in helping you select the best frame for your face.


Facial Shape


Round shaped face

A round facial shape is widest across your cheekbones. Your hairline and your chin are probably rounded, and your face is equally wide as it is long.

The frames that look best for round face shapes are rectangle or square. Round frames will make the face appear more round and should be avoided. Half rimmed (supra) rectangular frames are especially flattering because they make the face appear to be more elongated.

Celebrity Examples: Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst


Oval shaped face

This facial shape is longer than wide, and is narrower at the forehead and chin than at the cheeks.

Lucky you! Since an oval face is symmetrically proportioned you can wear pretty much any frame shape you want!

Celebrity Examples: Kylie Minogue, Jessica Alba


Square shaped face

The square facial shape will usually have a similar width across the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The chin and hairline may appear slightly more angular and square.

To offset your angular features and make them appear softer, opt for a rounded or oval shaped frame. Avoid squares and rectangles as these can exaggerate your features.

Celebrity Examples: Jennifer Aniston, Minnie Driver


Heart shaped face

Heart shaped faces are wider at the forehead and narrow at the chin like an inverted triangle. Those with a heart shaped face will typically have a sharp chin.

Oval shaped frames with lower rims as opposed to half rimmed frames are the best frame shape for a heart shaped face.

Celebrity Examples: Katie Holmes, Christina Ricci

Skin Tone and Frame Colour

Our technicians at Blackheath Eyecare can also help you decide what frame colour will look best with your skin tone. There are two categories of skin tone, warm and cool. If you are a warm tone, you will have yellow or beige undertone to your skin. In contrast, if you are a cool tone you will have a blue or pink undertone to your skin.

Black male posing wearing spectacles

Colours for Warm Skin Tones: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Purple, Gold, Bronze, Pink, Dark Red, Orange.

Colours for Cool Skin Tones: Blue, Red, Black, White, Yellow, Silver, Copper, Rose, Aqua.

Other Things To Consider

Another thing to consider when picking out frames is your prescription. If you have a very high prescription, you will want to choose a smaller frame to ensure that your lenses aren’t too thick around the edges. Also, if you are a bifocal or multifocal lens wearer, you will need enough depth in the frame to accommodate for this.


We may provide advice to assist you in choosing glasses frame, but the frame you choose has to be right for you, the look and feel of the frame must make you comfortable and compliment your style. This is only a guide, ultimately the choice is yours.

Your options don’t stop at frames! Click here to find out about your options for lenses.


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