Glasses lens suppliers

While there are many companies that produce lenses, each one comes with a different standard of quality. As is the case with many other products, a higher end lens will be of better quality than a cheaper or free lens. At Blackheath Eyecare Opticians, we provide you with optimal quality for every budget.

Listed below are four of the top lens manufacturers in the industry.


Nikon has produced a very wide range of lenses over the years. While they are most well known for their top quality camera lenses, their glasses lenses are of equal reverence. Nikon has been a trusted manufacturer of eyeglass lenses for every need and requirement for decades. They are also responsible for paving the way to new discoveries in lens manufacturing that have dramatically increased the performance of glasses lenses across the spectrum.

See our Nikon information page for further reading.


Essilor is one of the largest lens distributors and manufacturers in the world. While Essilor is a US based company, they are part of a larger company, Essilor International which is based in Paris. With both of these companies, Essilor products are able to provide service worldwide.


Hoya is most well known for being one of the leading designers in the double surfaced lens design, allowing sharp vision in a customizable design.


Zeiss is another manufacturer of lenses that offers its services worldwide. Much like Seiko, Zeiss too offers high quality lens coatings. Coatings and materials are Zeiss’ specialty, and they have some of the most amazing options available.

With all this great quality, make sure you are taking proper care of your glasses! Click here to find out more.


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