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When was your last eye examination?

The majority of eye health conditions are silent and show NO SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS until it is too late. Regular checks allow detection of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure at very early stages, just by looking into your eyes! If you can’t remember when you last had your eyes checked, come in […]

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Do you have Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is the strain on the eyes that occurs through the use of digital displays (computers, digital devices etc.) over prolonged length of time. Common symptoms associated are eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eye and neck/shoulder pain. These symptoms may also be caused by factors such as uncorrected vision, poor lighting […]

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New website launch!

You may have noticed the new look store, now we have a new look website to go along with it! The site is on a whole new platform and we are still working out a few bugs so please bear with us in this transition. We will still be providing the same great range of […]

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Blackheath Eyecare attended ‘100% Optical’ in London

Last week, the team at Blackheath Eyecare attended ‘100% Optical’ in London. We were treated to catwalks showcasing the latest eyewear trends from all over the world, met with exciting independent frame designers and toyed with the latest in clinical technology and equipment. We are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of the following frame […]

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