Nikon progressive lenses

Nikon Varifocal Lenses

Nikon progressive, or varifocal, lenses are the favoured option to correct presbyopia. With Nikon there are a number of lens options to choose from, this give the greats range of lenses to accommodate your needs.

Nikon SeeMax Power logoSeeMax Power

This custom made lens is designed to give greatest optical performance for the wearer. With the taking into account several individual parameters, such as far vision, near vision, working distance, pupil distance and lens shape data to provide the most comfort.

With reduced aberrations of any Nikon progressive lens, providing 25 times greater optical precision, with increased visual clarity for ease of adaption to the lens.

Presio Power Lens LogoPresio Power

With its dual power progressive design, Nikon’s Presio Power lens gives superior visual clarity with fewer aberrations and distortions.

Offering “fast adaption” and a more natural visual experience all within a single lens.

Online Wide varifocal lens logoOnline Wide

Specifically designed for extending near vision, particularly for ‘close up’ work such as computer screens and reading.

The Online Wide helping you to see objects clearly as far as 3 meters away.

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