Nikon single vision lenses

Nikon: Optical innovators

With focus upon quality, comfort and performance, Nikon are near unrivalled in the optical field. Producing lenses that have greater optical clarity, more durable and easier to clean than many of their comtemporaries.

Nikon’s single vision lenses are made with precision and care, with a range of choice that allows for most wearers needs.

Nikon SeeMax logoSeeMax lenses are Nikon’s premier single vision lens. A double aspheric design (DAS) the SeeMax is designed to be considerably thinner, with enhanced optical clarity and a much improved lens profile. Each lens is custom made for your prescription, ensurning greater precision and superior optical characteristics.

Designed to reduce both lens aberrations and visual distortions that can occur with higher prescriptions, these bespoke lenses are cut and shaped for your specific prescription to fit the frame you choose; the technologically advance materials use to form the lens give a light weight and comfortable lens product that is nearly unmatched.

Nikon SeeMax less distortions

Nikon DAS LogoNikon Lite Double Aspheric (DAS) lens is one of the thinnest ‘entry level’ lenses in the World.

Designed to give an improved lens profile over the Nikon Lite Aspheric lens and reduce visual distortions to improve wearing comfort.

Nikon Lite DAS improves visual quality

Nikon Lite logoNikon’s single vision ashperic lens was developed from their their high quality Nikon camera lens technology; used to produce high definition images with reduced distortions and optical defects.

The result, the Nikon Lite Asperic, give a much more natural visual quality with significantly reduced visual aberrations compared to standard spherical lenses

Nikon Lite aberration comparision

The Nikon Lite lenses also form a much thinner lens profile in comparison with similar index spherical lens, producing glasses with an improved aesthetic.

Nikon Lite thickness comparision


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