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Transitions are a popular brand of photochromic eyeglass lenses that originated in 1990. The company’s attitude to the design and manufacture of its product has made it stand out from among the competition. The name of the company is also a description of what its lens does. Transitions are high quality lenses that change their level of tint from clear to dark as the wearer moves from low light conditions to sunlit outdoor and vice versa (photochromic lenses). They are the most popular and trusted lenses of this type.

The Transitions company began production on the large scale in Pinellas Park Florida and they have worked continuously to improve the technology behind the lenses since. The result of their approach to product development is that Transitions has continued to lead the market in photochromic lenses. Available to all, Transitions lenses may be used for prescription lenses as well as non-prescription glasses.

Transitions has held its position as a market leader in designer lenses due to the fact of their unique style. Corning Inc. was the company that first developed the lenses in the 1960s and is the most significant competition that Transitions faces. However, Transitions is more closely identified with the photochromic lens thanks to the company’s extensive professional marketing plan that includes television ads. These ads have been particularly effective at demonstrating the dramatic benefits of Transitions lenses to potential wearers, especially how fast they change their shade to match differences in light intensity.

Transition lenses are used by many different manufacturers of eyeglasses as a means of ensuring that their products are of the best quality. The company produces three lens-types:

Signature lenses

The original line contains lenses for wear on a daily basis. These are the ones typically featured in advertisements on TV. They provide the wearer with total protection from UVA radiation while being able to swiftly change their shade.

XTRActive lenses

The XTRActive line is also for regular daily use, only instead of shifting from clear to dark, these always have a residual tinted even in low light conditions but still darken in sunlight. These are the darkest of the standard lenses produced by Transitions.

Adaptive Sunwear lenses

The Transitions Adaptive Sunwear line encompasses a range of lenses and eye wear designed to be worn by those engaging in a more active, athletic lifestyle in the outdoors. These are the darkest of the Transitions line, having a light sunglass tint under indoor light conditions with the lenses at their darkest when in the outside in the sun. There are multiple options for the colours of the tint and wearers may choose whichever one suits them. These are also available as a part of the Drivewear line and may be adapted to work with the frames of many major brands, which are active event through a windscreen of a vehicle.

More information on the latest developments regarding the most advanced photochromic lenses is available on the Transitions site.

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