Places to go in Blackheath

Places of Interest in Blackheath

Apart from visiting us as your optician in Blackheath for your eyecare needs, Blackheath, a London suburb, is more commonly identified by the name “Blackheath Village”. Blackheath is not actually a village, although it is often times referred to as one. The rail station in Blackheath is toward the south end of the town. Many chic shops, cafés and pubs grace the main streets of the town. Standing on the actual heath is a parish church called All Saints. Blackheath Eyecare is located at the Royal Standard.

Music and Art

The Blackheath Music and Arts Conservatory is further south of the rail station. A concert hall, owned by a local Greenwich college, is the next door neighbour to the conservatory. True to the local feel of a village, a farmer’s market takes up residence each weekend in the main town centre. This market is quite popular with all the locals. Another popular event is the fireworks presentation on the weekend in November which is nearest Guy Fawkes Day. It’s an amazing display and is the grandest one in the UK, with usually over forty-thousand in attendance.

A place to stroll

Blackheath Common is over 250 acres of preserved land which was originally declared open space for the public in 1871. The rugged beauty of this space is that its elevated and has a great vantage point, nearby the Thames. The vistas are beautiful—of three surrounding counties, in fact. The landscape boasts several ponds, which were formed in centuries past when the rocky landscape was excavated for the gravel and stones. In the past, the heath was more natural and wild. Now it is maintained, but still with the intent of keeping the naturally wild-like feel, as expressed by the beautiful wild flowers covering the land.

The main Park in Blackheath is an open-spaced grassy area near the town centre. For countless generations, the locals and visitors alike have flocked to this green oasis for peaceful relaxation in the outdoors. It’s a scenic picnic spot in the summer and a fun place for people to get outdoors and enjoy some casual sporting activities.

Recreation and family fun in Blackheath

Blackheath has a variety of family friendly fun things to do. There is a play park for families with young children, up to 12 years old. This play park has an amazing, fun-filled adventure area for the children to explore—a multileveled, oversized soft jungle gym. With more than four slides, a wide climbing wall, what more could children want in a playground. The playground also offers a track for motorised play bikes for the children, with two separate areas, one for the older children and one for the younger ones. Parents can relax at coffee shop tables while watching their children play.

The Pond in Blackheath is a stunning feature of the Blackheath landscape and has been for multiple generations in the town. The pond is located nearby the wild heath landscape, but also close to the centre of town. It’s a customary spot for the locals to meet each other. Recently, the pond area has been developed with the tourist in mind. Now it’s an even more scenic area for people to gather and relax after meandering through the bustling town streets.

The Halls of Blackheath is one of the area’s finest venues for entertainment. The building is historic and quite architecturally stunning—with wonderful acoustics indoors and the interior decor is elegant. The hall offers entertainment yearlong and features a variety of shows, including: musicals, comedy shows, modern dance, art shows and plays from the more traditional playwrights.

Here at Blackheath Eyecare we are proud to be located around such a rich, diverse and friendly community