Places to go in Greenwich

Interesting places to visit in Greenwich

Greenwich Market

Considered as one of London’s best markets, the Greenwich Market is one of the oldest and most fanciful one in England. Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, this market caters to the public even on bank holidays, between 10:00 to 17:30. This market has been in existence since 1700s, and has seen gradual changes in its operations. But now, as then, it remains London’s favourite market. Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays see arts, crafts and food items on sale while antiques and vintage stuff are sold on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Cutty Sark

The original Cutty Sark was a clipper ship built in 1869 as a cargo ship. It carried tea and wool and was named after the witch in Robert Burn’s poem. Today, it is well preserved as a museum ship and is an important landmark in Greenwich.

Though the ship was gutted by a fire in 2007, it was a lucky coincidence that much of the timber from the ship had been taken out elsewhere for preservation. This saved the ship which was then restored and relaunched for the benefit of the public in April 2012. The cost of restoration took about £35 million, but it is worth every penny spent.

Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory is a part of the National Maritime Museum and is the place of the Prime Meridian. It also includes the Harrison timekeepers, a planetarium and a refracting telescope.

It was built by King Charles II and was used as a proper astronomical building with research facilities. At a later date, in the 20th century, the research facilities were relocated, but the Observatory remains one of the major tourist attractions in the area.

Old Royal Naval College

The Old Royal Naval College is a masterpiece of architecture and has been accorded the status of a World Heritage site. Originally constructed as a Royal Hospital for seamen, yet another association of Greenwich with British seafaring. The hospital was first called Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, but later on became just the Greenwich Hospital. After that, it served as the Royal Naval College until 1998. Today, it serves various purposes. Some of the buildings are used by some colleges for educational purposes and others are let open to the public for sightseeing.

The O2

The O2 is the name given to an entire district in North Greenwich, encompassing all kinds of entertainment. It was originally built for the 2000 Millennium celebrations and includes a cinema, restaurants, pubs, shopping complexes, and the usual entertainment aids. In addition, there is also an exhibition space where different exhibitions are held through the year. But The O2 is best known for the O2 arena where different concerts take place and many famous musicians have already played there.

Greenwich Park

The Greenwich Park is a large enclosure encompassing around 13 acres and has deer, foxes and birds and other kinds of wildlife. The park also has a slope from the top of which there is an excellent and breathtaking view of London. It is a designated world heritage site.

National Maritime Museum

Because of Greenwich’s strong association with maritime history, the National Maritime Museum is one of the must-go places in Greenwich.The museum recently celebrated it’s 75th anniversary this year. The museum showcases the entire history of Britain’s seafaring history. The museum includes some other attractions as well.

Queen’s House

The Queen’s House was built in 1712 for Henrietta Maria, Queen of England and wife of Charles I. It is an excellent place to go for those who are interested in fine art.

Blackheath Eyecare

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