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If one were to trace the origin of Flexon glasses, the one concrete fact to come up is that these glasses were first put to commercial use by Marchon in the year 1988. Following the immediate and wildfire success, Flexon memory metal in the Autoflex collection became a popular and trusted designer brand. These bendy, flexible spectacles made of metal alloy of titanium and nickel revolutionised the eyewear industry, and made glasses much more fun and much less sombre, with their ability to “remember” and bounce right back to their original shape.

After garnering almost 20 years of popularity, Flexon glasses still continue to be widely popular, now on account of their designer and style factors. Clearly capable of incorporating a wide range of designs and fashion that might not have been possible but for its “bendiness”, Flexon eyewear can easily be categorised as both a utilitarian as well as a luxury product- meant to ease people’s eyewear experience and add a bit of “oomph” to a device of physical need. Many Flexon glasses are specifically designed for those heavily into sports and other physical activity, which require a sturdy yet flexible form of eyewear.

One of the most popular ranges is the sports range, made specifically for those with an active lifestyle.

Collaborations with designers such as Nike saw the making of great sport glasses and sunglasses; robust and flexible whilst also being stylish eyewear that are made to last and can easily handle a bit of carefree attitude. Maui Jim sunglasses also incorporate Flexon technology with their stunning designs, in order to deliver some of the most efficient and flexible designer sunglasses.

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