Anglo American Glasses

For over 100 years, Anglo American glasses have been hand crafted in England. The company Anglo American Optical Company LTD was founded in 1982 in the city of London and has been a respected manufacturer in the eyewear industry since the company’s inception. Anglo American Optical always takes great pride in the quality and designs of each pair of eyeglasses. The quality of Anglo American eyewear starts by sourcing only the finest materials such Italian Zyl. The Italian Zyl is sourced from Mazzucchelli, who is the known for making the World’s finest optical plastics.
Each frame of Anglo American eyewear represents the company’s commitment to providing the absolute best frames available. By sticking to their roots and hand-made, superior craftsmanship, Anglo American Optical is one of the most respected eyeglass manufacturers in existence. Designers travel all over the world for inspiration and creative ideas for designing both timeless and unique styles.
There is a full catalogue featuring different styles of Anglo American designer eyeglasses, including sunglasses, retro style, classic and handmade frames. While it may be difficult to appreciate the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating a pair of Anglo American eyeglasses, it is important to note that every tiny detail is perfected to an art.
With their commitment to customer service and quality, most reviews of Anglo American glasses are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers would consider Anglo American eyewear to be a great value considering the quality of materials.So if you are looking for a timeless, classic frame or funky, retro frames, a pair of Anglo American glasses is a luxury worth every penny.

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