Calvin Klein Glasses

Calvin Klein is a fashion designer who began in 1968 by opening a shop in New York City. He designed a collection of men and women’s coats which he sold in this store. What began as a company designing clothing expanded over time to include lines of apparel such as eyewear. CK have become one of the ‘must have’ designer sunglasses brand since their launch in 1993 and whilst retaining the high end designer image remain affordable to most.
Calvin Klein himself has a particular interest in designing eyewear and has been quoted as saying that he loves sunglasses and used to collect antique eyewear himself. He sees glasses as a way of expressing a designer’s sensibility and it is something which he is very passionate about, considering it a significant part of the world of fashion. This is particularly true for the men’s market, where many men do not wear any accessories other than a watch and glasses or sunglasses.
As CK glasses come from a designer fashion ethos, the consumer knows that they are getting both a fashionable and quality product, whether they choose CK spectacles or sunglasses, or perhaps even both. CK eyewear have always been comfortably affordable; most pairs are valued enough to be seen as a luxury by many people, yet accessible enough to be a realistic aspiration for most. This has played an important part in making the brand so popular.
Some of the latest CK eyeglasses incorporate minimalist designs with bold colours, which is very fashionable at the moment. Whether you are looking for glasses that improve your vision or sunglasses for the summer, Calvin Klein have plenty of highly fashionable designs to choose from.

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