Carrera Glasses

Loved for its fabulous designs and affordability, Carrera designer eyewear continues to introduce a variety of frames that cater to different consumer levels. The international brand is a popular name in the eyewear market. Although it was first introduced as a sports eyewear brand in the early 1950s, today Carrera’s revolutionary designs are associated with superb comfort and style.
Established in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger Werker, Carrera is a brand name that designs sunglasses and sports eyewear. Now also encompassing very popular glasses frame designs in a multitude of styles and colours
The brand is always associated with sports, which makes sense because the brand name was inspired by the Carrera Panamericana auto race. Especially designed for athletes, the designer glasses company immediately became a favourite for its durability and quality. Since its beginning, the Carrera has provided the goggles, skiing masks and racing sunglasses in many sports and won various awards for excellence.
Affordable does not mean substandard; Carrera has a long history of making quality designer eyeglasses, decades of experience makes Carrera a product you can trust.
There is a wide range of choice available for both men and women. Carrera gives you the freedom to choose the most suitable frame style for your taste, mood and individuality. Indulge yourselves to a variety of models, colours and frame shapes. Designs vary from vintage, contemporary and ultra-modern.
Carrera cares for your eye care and comfort. Wears are raving about the flex hinges in some designs that are amazingly comfortable. The durability and perfect fit makes them a great choice for athletic people as well as outdoorsy ones.
The brand was moulded and developed taking inspiration from the athletic world. Fifty years of international victories on various sport disciplines describes a burning passion for product development and technological progress. Carrera products are tried and tested in collaboration with athletes to ensure value.
With its current brand philosophy, “After all, no regrets,” Carrera encourages the young generation to take on their newest collection because “Wearing a Carrera is a unique, unmistakable adventure in itself.”.

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