Lacoste Glasses

The Lacoste fashion line started in France in 1933. The high-end designer label is identified by its bold colors combined with crisp lines and the instantly recognisable green crocodile label. There are many different items that the designer makes including tennis shirts, watches and leather goods. However, one of the items that they are most known for is the Lacoste eyewear line.

The designer eyeglasses are extremely unique. They stand out among other designer eyewear labels and make a statement for whoever wears them. The Lacoste eyewear collection combines sleek lines and bold colours to create incomparable fashion staples. The line offers a full collection of prescription eyeglasses for both men and women.

While the eyeglasses line offers the traditional frame colour choices, such as black, brown and tortoise, the original options are what gives the line its distinction. Lacoste eyewear offer unique, bold colours like yellow, orange, turquoise and fuchsia that attract attention and highlight your individuality. The traditional rectangle shaped frames would be simple on their own, but by adding the fun colours, they become an entirely new fashion statement.

The sunglasses line is even more exciting than the eyeglasses line. Lacoste takes the traditional men’s aviator style and highlights it with a tint of bright and rich colour to give it personality and flair. They give the sunglasses just the right amount of colour without it being overpowering. For the women’s line though, they go all out on colour and shapes to make any trendsetter elated. The over-sized frames combine daring colours with unique shapes and fun patterns to give the sunglasses a fresh and powerful look.

The Lacoste eyewear is all about making a statement. The fearless designs give new life to what could be a boring accessory and add style and flair to any outfit. Whether you enjoy being a fashion innovator or you just like to add a little colour to your wardrobe, the Lacoste eyewear line will give you personality, style and flair while still keeping the muted sophistication in place. It is the perfect combination for a modern wardrobe.


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