Prodesign Glasses

Prodesign makes high-end designer eyewear in the Danish style, with clean lines and a stylish form. Made with high quality materials, Prodesign designer eyewear are made to last while also making a fashion statement. Allan Rasmussen, Marin Jespersen and Oden Capello are the designers of Prodesign eyewear and their frames are made to be both beautiful and functional. Prodesign glasses are perfect for any shape face because many of the frames have interchangeable arms that may be replaced for extra customisation.

Prodesign designer eyewear has several different lines of glasses. One of their most popular lines is the Gail Spence collection. Spence is a well-known jewellery designer who began designing eyewear for Prodesign several decades ago. The lasting impact of the Gail Spence collection speaks to the timelessness of these eyeglasses. This collection features many different colours of frames all made from a durable yet lightweight material. Another great Prodesign collection is the Essential line, which boasts frames that are perfect for work or play. Prodesign designer eyeglasses are all about details, and many of their designs feature small, unexpected details that make the glasses unique. Whether you want a classic look or frames that are trendy, Prodesign makes designer eyewear that will suit your needs.


Fans that own a pair of Prodesign designer eyeglasses rave about the clean and classic look of their frames. One saying her Prodesign glasses were “elegant in their simplicity”. With all of the new, wild trends in eyewear, many people seem to appreciate the clean and minimalist look of Prodesign eye wear. A favourite with opticians particularly with the nose pad arms on their plastic frames and the nylon mounting line are seamlessly attached to the bridge.

The quality of the workmanship in Prodesign designer eyewear is repeatedly praised by owners. Many like their designer eyeglasses so much that when it is time for a new pair, they return to Prodesign.

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