Savile Row Glasses

Quality hand made glasses frames

The Algha Works factory have been producing handmade high quality glasses frames since 1898 using a process of using rolled gold to fabricate their glasses styles. The Algha Company was established in England in 1932 by Max Wiseman & Co. Max Wiseman, having moved all his frame-making equipment from the original factory in Germany to the new one in East London.

During World War II, the Algha Company made Aviator spectacles for fighter pilots. They also made eyeglasses for gas masks to be used by the British Armed Forces. Algha achieved mass popularity when they received the tender to manufacture glasses for the National Health Service (NHS). They produced NHS glasses for more than forty years.

When the British eyewear industry was deregulated by Margaret Thatcher’s government, the Algha Company had to remodel itself as a private eyewear brand to survive. The Savile Row Glasses designer eyewear brand was formed and has been in production since 1988. Still in the original factory, using techniques and machinery that had been perfected over the decades of producing spectacle frames.

Savile Row Glasses designer spectacles are timeless pieces that never go out of style. The classic designs of their frames are elegant, original and unique. They have achieved such high-quality standards over the years because each frame is hand-crafted to their exacting standards. Customization includes eye shape, the type of bridge, metal frame colour, lens type and type of temple among others.

Savile Row Glasses designer eyeglasses have become popular due to their classic ’round-eye’ design. John Lennon of the Beetles is most famous for popularizing this design. Going from strength to strength, Savile Row glasses hold their own in the modern fashion world. A fact strengthened by their popular use on screen, for instance, Denzel Washington as Malcolm X and Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter films. Wearers of Savile Row designer eyewear are very specific in what kind of glasses they want and chose Savile Row glasses because of their outstanding and extraordinary style.

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