Silhouette Glasses

Silhouette is an Austrian eyewear design that was established in 1964, by five employees and a single designer. The brand vision was to provide unlimited vision and has continued to do so since its inception. Silhouette designer eyewear consists of rimless stylish accessories that offer comfort to the user. These glasses are light, and have a simple frame selection.

Silhouette design is unique, as it gives priority to lightness and shapes that hug the wearer’s face. The brand is elegant, flowing and graceful, bringing out the natural beauty of the wearer, without smothering. Silhouette believes that the face of a person acts as the best frame for glasses. Silhouette glasses have an excellent design that pays close attention to details. The eyewear is long lasting, comfortable and made using the latest technology. Their designs require no screws is timeless, elegant, light and innovative, like no other in the market.

Silhouette designer eyeglasses are the hottest fashionable rimless glasses available in the optical market, making it the leader in the rimless design technology. The frames come in many colours and sizes, thus the wearer will have a wide selection to choose from. The lenses of silhouette designer eyeglasses come in many shapes and sizes that complement the face of the wearer. Some of the silhouette eyeglasses include silhouette limelight, silhouette dimension and silhouette titan dynamics range.

If you are looking for a brand that encompasses the most subtle of frames with the depth of imagination to also have something ‘a little different’ then Silhouette designer glasses will probably have something for you.

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