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Perfectly capturing the famed Italian approach to effortless design, Valentino sunglasses boast stylish looks that are sought the world over with a level of craftsmanship that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Valentino designer glasses contain elements of other Valentino products such as their apparel, belts and other accessories. In fact, some of the frames in the Valentino line feature elements that are designed to make them look like fabric itself, for instance, concave indentations are meant to mimic folds in fabric.
The newest line of Valentino designer eyewear includes 13 new styles that offer a variety of shapes, styles and colours, a Valentino trademark. Bold, vibrant shapes combine with a vast spectrum of colours to offer glasses wearers a sleek, seductive new appearance. Whether it is the lightweight appearance of metal or the sport styling of plastic frames, Valentino glasses provide a level of sophistication and fashion that is rarely seen.

The current line of frames features both modest and oversize shapes with special details that make them standout in a crowd. Women’s Valentino glasses feature classic colours and shapes accented by small, but distinctive, touches on the temples of the glasses, such as pearls, coral or turquoise. Men’s glasses include rugged metal framing with muted colours and crisp forms that nonetheless offer style and fashion and also come with small accents that turn up the volume on style. In addition, there are both men’s and women’s halfmoon glasses styles that offer quiet sophistication for those who want the beauty of Valentino but for everyday use.

Wearers of Valentino designer glasses say they are drawn to them by their distinctive style, right down to the classic “V” logo at the hinges (which has been updated in the new line). They also point to the variety included in the line, from the sleek metal to the range of plastic frames that go from wide to modest.
Valentino glasses offer designer style that can transform any look and give any wearer Italian chic.

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