Ray Ban Sunglasses

The iconic designer sunglasses
One of the most iconic sunglasses manufacturers in the world, Ray-Ban sunglasses have adorned the faces of the biggest celebrities of all time. But even before its celebrity status, Ray-Ban were the sunglasses of choice of people from all walks of life, from pilots to rebels without a cause. Ray-Bans designer eyewear offered a crisp, no-frills styling that was the crowning touch to the effortless ‘California cool’ style that people around the world soon tried to emulate.
Over the years, Ray-Bans have not lost their celebrity appeal as movie stars, rock stars, television stars and other celebrities have donned the frames. From The Beatles to The Blues Brothers to today’s hottest rock stars, Ray-Bans are the shades of choice.
Today, Ray-Ban designer glasses not only include the classics that made the company a household name, but also more upscale eyewear that creates a designer look just by putting them on. Leading the way are the legendary Ray-Ban Wayfarers, the no-nonsense black-framed sunglasses that made actor Tom Cruise a star in ‘Risky Business’. As with their other brands, the Wayfarer features excellent UV and SV protective lenses and durable arms, as well as a variety of new styles and colours.
Meanwhile, the company’s Aviators have become a hit all over again with people who prefer a light pair of sunglasses that nonetheless provide top-notch protection. Other popular Ray-Ban styles include the Clubmaster, another retro vintage favourite; CATS, perfect for turning heads on the beach, and the Predator, a slight variation on the Wayfarer and just as intimidating as its name.
Ray-Ban designer sunglasses are praised for their stylish and timeless good looks, their long-lasting durability and comfort. They also receive high marks for their performance, particularly their UV protection that is of such high quality that pilots swear by them. The Ray-Ban Tech line of sunglasses are wowing wearers with technical innovations that far surpass that of other sunglasses, including Carbon Fibre and Carbon Fibre Lite frames that are tough yet stylish.
Ray-Bans continue to lead the sunglasses industry in style, protection and durability, all features that make it one of the top quality sunglass lines in the world.
Check out Ray Ban designer glasses, all the classic styles to wear as glasses.

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