Optifree Replenish [6 Week pack] – 300ml

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Product Description

Optifree Replenish [6 Week pack] – 300ml

If you have ever dealt with contact lens discomfort throughout the day, there is a solution, try Optifree RepleniSH from Alcon. The solution helps your contact lenses retain moisture on the contact lens surface.

The solution will do more than just clean your lenses, it also disinfects and reconditions your lenses as well over night.

Product Features

  • For greater value buy the 3 month pack, has everything you need to last you three months and you will save a bit of money. Great price and lasts twice as long!<

Additional Information

Place the contacts in the case and add the solution, let them sit over night and in the morning they will feel fresh and stay moist throughout the day.

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