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As concerns around eye health become increasingly prevalent in our technology-driven world, the importance of understanding and managing common visual impairments like Myopia (near-sightedness) is more essential than ever. A condition that poses a much greater risk during childhood development, Myopia progression can be significantly slowed down through certain at-home measures, helping individuals lead healthier, […]

Glasses always tend to slip down my nose, how do I stop that from happening?

A frame that fits well from the onset should stay in place, it should not be constantly slipping off the wearer’s face. When trying on different frames to be dispensed as new spectacles, ensure that your chosen frame has a snug and comfortable fit to be guaranteed of comfort when wearing your new glasses. This […]

Blackheath Eyecare attended ‘100% Optical’ in London

woow-frames from Blackheath Eyecare

Last week, the team at Blackheath Eyecare attended ‘100% Optical’ in London. We were treated to catwalks showcasing the latest eyewear trends from all over the world, met with exciting independent frame designers and toyed with the latest in clinical technology and equipment. We are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of the following frame […]

Blue Light and You …

Blue light blocker coatings Blackheath Eyecare

What’s all the fuss about blue light and our eyes? Blue light is a 40nm band of visible light that has been found to result in retinal cell damage, however, it also helps to regulate our sleep cycle. Blue light is emitted from the sun, LED and fluorescent lighting, TVs, computer screens and smart phones. […]