Contact Lenses

The alternative form of visual correction to glasses

Contact lenses are a discreet and convenient vision correction option that offers clearer and sharper vision without the hassle of traditional glasses. They come in various types to suit your specific needs.

Contact Lens Re-Ordering

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Contact Lens Wear and Care Guide

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Nothing makes us feel better than when a client leaves us taking away a pair of spectacles that they are excited to show off. In fact, they’re so pleased with their glasses that they’re proud to take a place on our “Wall Of Frames” to share with the world!

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Contact Lenses for children

Children can wear contact lenses!

Did you know that we have seen children as young as 5 for contact lens fittings? Not only can they improve their vision and provide more freedom than glasses, but they also boost their confidence and self-esteem. With proper hygiene and supervision, contact lenses can be a safe and effective additional eyewear option for your child’s eyesight. Click the “Read More” button to discover more benefits!

We Recycle!

We work with TerraCycle to recycle contact lenses and plastic contact lens packaging. If you are one of our clients ask us how today.*

*At this time we are only able to accept contact lens recycling from registered clients of Blackheath Eyecare

Types of Contact Lenses

Explore various types of contact lenses available for different prescriptions, by clicking on each type of prescription below to learn more.

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How much do contact lenses cost?

The cost of contact lenses varies widely depending on several factors such as the type of lenses (soft or hard, monthly, weekly, or daily disposables), whether they’re for correcting near or far-sightedness, astigmatism, or for cosmetic reasons, the brand, and where they are purchased. The price range can be from £20 to £40 per 30 pack of daily disposable lenses, or more for specialty lenses. EyePlan members benefit from a reduced price while enjoying benefits like eye care service and access to professional advice.


I was told a long time ago I can't wear contact lenses is this still true?

It depends on the reason you were told you couldn’t wear them in the past. If it was due to an eye condition, you should ask your optometrist at your next eye examination to see if the condition still applies or if advancements in contact lenses have made them a possible option for you now. If it was due to discomfort, newer contact lenses have been designed to be more comfortable, so it might be worth trying them again. Technological and medical advancements have made contact lenses available for a wider range of people, including those with specific conditions or issues.


Do I need a prescription to buy contact lenses?

Yes, you need a valid prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist to buy contact lenses in the UK. If you are traveling to the UK it is always best to stock up on contact lenses prior to your holiday or take a copy of your up to date prescription with you. Most UK Opticians will accept an overseas contact lens prescription from your up to date existing eye care professional providing that it includes the following information: Date of fitting, date of expiry or next due aftercare appointment, brand and type of contact lenses approved and fitted to you.


Is my glasses prescription the same for contact lenses?
No, your glasses prescription is not exactly the same as a contact lens prescription. The measurements for contact lenses are taken directly from the curvature of your eyes, while glasses prescription is measured for lenses that are positioned approximately 12mm from your eyes. Hence, the two prescriptions are usually different.


Can I buy contact lenses if I show you the packaging of the lenses I wear now?

Whilst it is useful to know what contact lenses you are currently using, UK law requires that all contact lens sales must be given to people with valid contact lens prescriptions, regardless of whether they have had a recent eye examination.

If you do not have a prescription but have the packaging from your existing lenses purchased elsewhere, and you are happy with these lenses, it is helpful to take this along to your contact lens appointment to show your Optometrist.


Why do I need a contact lens fitting if I've already had an eye test?

Even though you may have had an eye examination, a contact lens fitting is necessary because the size and shape of your eyes are unique. This fitting will help determine the type, size, and style of contact lenses that are suitable for your eyes. It also involves a consultation on how to use and care for your lenses. This step is important for the comfort and health of your eyes. Moreover, an ill-fitted contact lens can cause discomfort, blurry vision, or even damage to the eye. Thus, it’s essential to get a contact lens fitting after an eye test.


Why can I buy contact lenses online without a prescription?

In the UK, it is actually illegal to sell contact lenses online or offline without a valid prescription. All sellers, including online retailers, must verify the prescription with the issuing Optician before the sale can take place. So technically, you can’t buy contact lenses online without a prescription either. The difference may be that some online platforms appear to skip this verification process due to location differences or lax enforcement, but it is still required by law. Always ensure you have a valid prescription to guarantee your contact lenses are correct and safe for your eyes.


Do you sell Halloween contact lenses?

No, we don’t sell contact lenses with designs specifically for Halloween or fancy dress. These designs look impressive but are often provided by unknown suppliers or companies that can pose significant risks to your eye health. These sellers may not have been manufactured under the right safety and quality standards, possibly leading to damage or infections. We wouldn’t want you to take the risk!

We can supply coloured contact lenses but it’s important to note that you’ll require an eye examination, contact lens fitting & follow up before ordering them, so you’ll need at least 2-3 weeks ahead of your event to prepare. Remember your eyes are an organ and you only get one set, so it’s best to book a professional coloured contact lens fitting to make sure that you’re not putting anything harmful onto the eye ball itself.


What is the youngest age someone can wear contact lenses?

There isn’t a specific legal age limit for wearing contact lenses. It is generally up to the discretion of parents, opticians, and the child. We have fitted children as young as 5 years old with contact lenses, but it usually depends on why they need to wear contact lenses and their maturity and ability to handle and care for the lenses properly.


Who can wear contact Lenses?

Most people can wear contact lenses providing that the person is comfortable touching their eyes and area able to insert and remove them safely. There may be several reasons that someone may not be a successful candidate for contact lenses but we arm all of our clients that are new to contact lenses with all the information and support they require to get them on their journey, giving them the best chance of success.

If you would like to know more about our contact lens fitting services please get in touch.


Why are some contact lenses more expensive than others?

Some contact lenses are more expensive than others due to several factors. These can include the brand, the material used, the complexity of the prescription, whether they are disposable or long-term, and any special features such as UV protection or colour tinting. Higher-quality materials and more sophisticated design or technology generally cost more. Plus, customised or specialty lenses, such as those for astigmatism, presbyopia or overnight vision correction are often pricier.


I have a high prescription can I wear contact lenses?

Yes, in general you can wear contact lenses even with a high prescription and they’re a great addition to your eyewear wardrobe. Depending on your prescription and eye condition, you may need specialised contact lenses which might be more expensive or you could be denied contact lenses to minimise risk to your vision. There may also be the possibility that contact lenses can only be worn in conjunction with glasses for full vision correction. In this case, lower powered spectacles can be prescribed that result in lighter and thinner glasses lenses giving you more spectacle choices you may not have had before.

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