Tailored Eyecare

Your eyes have 5x more unique characteristics than your fingerprints, which is why we offer a range of professional eye care services and tailor each advanced examination to you and your needs.


Membership that delivers care, quality and value

25 & Above

£11 pm

24 & Under

£7 pm

Contacts 25+

£16 pm

Contacts 24-

£13 pm

25 & Over

£11 pm

24 & Under

£7 pm

Early Detection is Key

What is Optomap and why should everyone have one?

Our small team are trained and qualified to know what types of frames work for different facial structures, and what colours and lens designs work best. All of our professionals are great at picking a personalised selection of frames from our curated glasses collection.

Advanced Examinations for Children

Why advanced eyecare is suited to our little ones too.

Nothing makes us feel better than when a client leaves us taking away a pair of spectacles that they are excited to show off. In fact, they’re so pleased with their glasses that they’re proud to take a place on our “Wall Of Frames” to share with the world!



Do you accept corporate vouchers?

We accept Edenred vouchers as part payment towards our Advanced Eye Examination. At the time of publishing (2023), the voucher value to us is £15.70 and so your £95 Eye Examination will be reduced to £79.30. Keep in mind that prices and policies might vary or change, so it’s always a good idea to contact us to check for the most up-to-date information.


Do you directly deal with my private health insurance?

No, we don’t directly deal with insurance companies, but we can provide you with the necessary documentation for your claims when requested. It is best to ask your health insurance provider directly what is included in your cover, and what documents they require to make a claim, prior to visiting the practice.


Can I book an appointment without being an Eyeplan Member?

Yes, absolutely! There’s no requirement for you to be an Eyeplan member to book an appointment for our eyecare services. Although Eyeplan comes with a wide range of benefits, we understand it may not suit everyone’s needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Do you do a basic sight test?

We value your eye health too much to simply offer a basic sight test. Our professional expertise has taught us that a basic sight test doesn’t fully capture your eye health or your unique visual needs. Therefore, all of our eye examinations are advanced as standard, giving us enough time to assess and discuss your vision, ocular lifestyle and eye health. For more information about our Advanced Eye Examination, please click [here]