EyePlan – Our Complete Vision Care Scheme

Eye Care Membership Scheme

Hassle free way to manage your eye care needs with generous benefits

Whether you are a new or existing patient, we would like to thank you for choosing our practice. At Blackheath Eyecare we provide high-quality services in a friendly environment. We are committed to continuing education and keeping abreast of the changes in modern eye care.

Eye Plan brings a whole new world of frames and sunglasses at very special prices. With a huge selection of frames to chose from which we will find the perfect style to suit you.

We have a number of different plans to choose from. One for patients who require regular eye care, EYE PLAN, and a separate scheme for those who also wear contact lens or intend to start wearing them, EYE PLAN CONTACTS. Eye Plan offers excellent value and helps spread of the cost of your eye care and eyewear needs.

How does our membership scheme work?

  • You pay a monthly eye care membership fee
  • There is no initial joining or examination fee
  • Benefits are immediate upon joining
  • Eye care is then available whenever is required and there is no additional cost
  • If you are on the contact lens scheme the costs of your contact lenses and solutions if required can be included in your monthly payments
  • As soon as you join you will receive discount on any new spectacles purchase
  • The longer you are a member, the lower the prices get
  • There are no limits on the number of purchases of spectacles or sunglasses which you can purchase with the special discounted rate
  • The minimum joining period is 18 months, during which you can attend for examinations as needed. After this time you can cancel with appropriate notice

The Eye Plan lets you spread the cost of your eye care and contact lenses, over the year through monthly payments. Regular consultations with our optometrists are an essential part of maintaining eye health. We will give you a full eye examination once a year, and provide regular after care to check your contact lenses are performing well and ensure your eyes remain healthy. The cost of these routine appointments will be covered by the monthly payment. Your monthly fee will also cover any emergency appointments. With the added convenience of Direct Debits, there is no better way to pay for your continuous eye care and contact lenses.

What are the benefits of Eyeplan?

Eye Plan Eye Plan
Eye Plan
Eye Care Benefits For spectacle wearers

For contact lens wearers

Advanced eye examination
Eye examination
Digital ocular imaging
OCT scan
Additional services & supplementary
Accidental Damage Cover on spectacles
Specialist Optical Advice
Initial contact lens fitting n/a n/a
Contact lens refits n/a n/a
Contact lens aftercare n/a n/a
Contact lens insertion & removal tuition n/a n/a
Exclusive Eyeplan prices on frames & lenses
Exclusive Eyeplan prices on sunglasses
Exclusive Eyeplan prices on contact lenses n/a n/a
Exclusive Eyeplan prices on eye care products
Free minor spectacle repair and replacement nose pads
Family member rate

Monthly membership fee
(without Accidental Damage Cover*)





Concession for under 25’s
(without Accidental Damage Cover*)



To Join Eye Plan please contact us for further information.