Contact lens aftercare appointment

All patients who wear contact lenses should have regular aftercare appointments. This is not the same as a general eye examination. A contact lens aftercare is a specific appointment concentrating on the vision with the contact lens and how it physically interacts with the eye. The appointment also looks in detail of the health of the front part of the eye in particular the conjunctiva, corneal and tear film.


You will need to come in wearing your contact lenses, having let them settle in your eyes for at least one hour before your appointment time. This allows our Optometrist to assess your contact lenses in their most natural condition on your eye. If however you are experiencing any significant discomfort whilst wearing your contact lenses please attend wearing your glasses however bring your contact lenses and case (if applicable) with you.

Our Optometrist will ask you a series of questions, here are some points to consider:

  • Are your contact lenses providing you with adequate vision?
  • Are they comfortable to wear?
  • Are they causing any visible eye redness?


Whilst wearing your contact lenses, our Optometrist will assess your vision and determine whether the contact lenses are fitting correctly. The condition and cleanliness of your contact lenses will also be considered.

Our optometrist will then ask you to take out your contact lenses. A fluorescent orange-coloured dye will be instilled, which allows detection of any changes on the surface of your eyes that may occur as a result of contact lens wear. For example, some of these surface changes may indicate a lack of oxygen supply to the eye, contact lens over wear, problems with contact lens cleanliness or even an eye infection.

Our Optometrist will determine whether your are eyes in good condition for ongoing contact lens wear and provide appropriate reassurance and advice how to maintain good contact lens eye health. If your eyes are found to have significant surface changes or the contact lenses to be ill fitting, our Optometrist will discuss the next course of action. This may include ordering different contact lens trials and a subsequent aftercare review scheduled.

Remember to ask our Optometrist any questions you may have about your lenses at any time.

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