MiSight Contact Lenses


What is MiSight & How does it Work?

For children, teens and young adults, Misight is often recommended as a form of Myopia Management, to help reduce the rate of Myopia progression. Misight is often coupled with MiYOSMART spectacle Myopia Management to allow freedom of choice between spectacle-free or contact lens-free days.

Misight contact lenses a soft daily disposable are made from a high-performance material that allows for optimal oxygen transmission to the cornea and comfort during wear. They feature a specialised peripheral defocus design, which subtly alters the light entering the eye, helping to reshape the growing eye and reducing myopia progression over time.

These contact lenses not only provide a practical solution but can also instil a sense of self-confidence in children who may have felt limited by their vision and the limitations of spectacles. MiSights’ extended range of prescription availability allows individuals to participate in sports, social activities, and even outdoor adventures without spectacles, Misight contact lenses inspire a sense of liberation and endless possibilities.

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Myopic Lifestyle Advice Guide

Things you can do at home to help manage myopia.

Our small team are trained and qualified to know what types of frames work for different facial structures, and what colours and lens designs work best. All of our professionals are great at picking a personalised selection of frames from our curated glasses collection.



How long does it take to be fitted with Misight Contact Lenses?

Typically 2-3 weeks and involves around 3 compulsory appointments. This time commitment is necessary to ensure the success and safety of the procedure.

As with all of our Myopia management options, your journey starts with a consultation and full eye examination. If found to be suitable for MiSight we will order contact lenses in your prescription, these usually take approximately 3-5 working days to arrive. On the same day following your appointment, we will offer a contact lens insertion and removal tutorial. Some individuals master this quicker than others so it’s important to be prepared to repeat this on your second visit. To ensure safety, you will not be able to take the lenses home until you are proficient in inserting and removing them. When your lenses arrive you will attend a fit and visual acuity appointment with the Optometrist, to check the performance of the lenses. You will have the opportunity again to learn how to insert and remove the lenses safely once this skill is mastered, you can take your lenses home. We’ll be sure to see you for regular monitoring and aftercare appointments.


How much are MiSight Contact Lenses?

The myopia management journey begins with a Consultation & Advanced Eye Examination to discover what options may be suitable for you or your child’s eyes specifically. If found to be a suitable MiSight candidate, there will be an upfront fee and an ongoing monthly care and product Direct Debit, this continues throughout the course of treatment for as long as you remain under our care. The minimum term for this Myopia Management plan is 18 months. If you are planning to be in the area less time please contact us directly.

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What prescriptions are suitable for MiSight?

MiSight is usually suitable for most individuals with a prescription of -0.25D to -10.00D.

MiSight does not correct astigmatism.