What is Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology is commonly known as Ortho-K or Overnight Vision Correction (OVC), its also know as corneal reshaping or corneal moulding. It is a natural, effective and non-invasive procedure used to temporarily modify the shape of the cornea using Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) corneal contact lenses.
These lenses are worn at night and gently reshape the front of the eye whilst you sleep, they are then removed in the morning revealing clear vision for the rest of the day.

Orthokeratology may be used by patients with myopia (short-sightedness), from low to medium prescriptions (up to approximately -5.00D). It is also useful in some cases in reducing the extent of astigmatism
Initially when you start using Ortho-K lenses they are a little uncomfortable but after a relatively short period they are as easy as wearing soft lenses

Can Ortho-K be used for children?

Ortho-K is a safe medically approved procedure, which can also be used for children as well as adults. It can also reduce the rate of myopia also known as short-sightedness which can increase the chance of eye health problems as we get older.

What are the advantages of using Ortho-K lenses?

Ortho-k is an option mainly if you do not like the idea of wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day. It can also be used to reduce high prescriptions so that glasses do not have as thick a lens.Some of the notable advantages of the ortho k lenses also include:
  • Clearer vision: May be useful to people involved in or interested in specific professions that wearing glasses would be a disadvantage.
  • Safer and less expensive when compared to Laser Surgery: When looking to correct your vision quickly and safely Ortho-K may be the way to go. It can help you avoid potential complications that may come with laser eye surgery.
  • Ortho-K is not a permanent procedure so the effect can be quickly changed as your needs evolve.

Ortho-K lens manufacturers

Ortho-K lenses are manufactured by a few different contact lens specialist companies including IGO, No. 7 and David Thomas. We mainly use lenses from No 7 and their OrthoK lenses known as EyeDream.For further information about EyeDream Ortho-K discuss your options please contact us. or click on the button below…