EyeDream Ortho-K Contact Lenses

Introducing EyeDream

EyeDream is an Ortho-K (orthokeratology) contact lens; a natural and effective means of dealing with short-sightedness (myopia), where lenses are worn at night and that gently reshapes the front of the eye whilst you sleep.

These lenses are removed in the morning revealing clear vision for the rest of the day. EyeDream, which has been used by patients for more than 15 years, is safe, comfortable and non-invasive.

EyeDream wearers enjoy many benefits, including:

  • The best opportunity to reduce or halt the progression of myopia and avoid the risk of future eye health complications
  • The freedom to swim, play sports and enjoy an active lifestyle without the restriction of glasses and lenses
  • Peace of mind for parents – lenses are worn at night and at home so lens wear and care can be monitored and there is no need to worry about lost glasses or contact lenses

EyeDream is a great choice if you want to correct your vision without having to go through laser surgery or do not wish to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day.

It is affordable, practical and its effects have been proven to last. If you have myopia and need to have an active lifestyle again then EyeDream may be the solution for you.

How Eyedream contact lenses work

EyeDream lenses work by reshaping the cornea’s curvature during the night to enhance vision. When you remove the lenses in the morning, the cornea will have curved slightly to facilitate clear vision throughout the day.

Its functioning has been tried and tested with over 15 years worth of effective results. In addition, it is believed that the refocusing of light on the peripheral retina slows down the progression of myopia in children.

Your initial Eye exam and Ortho-K consultation will last approximately one hour. A full comprehensive ocular health examination is required and an accurate assessment of your level of your myopia and astigmatism is necessary.

The surface of the eye is assessed, these checks include a specialised scan of your cornea. Following this,  specialised bespoke contact lenses can be made which takes just under two weeks.

If you are new to gas permeable lenses please allow a few sessions to learn how to insert and remove your contact lenses safely. An appointment will be made the day following the first night of wearing the contact lenses You will then have one or two review appointments to ensure the lenses are working appropriately.

EyeDream is perfect for people who suffer from mild to moderate short-sightedness and wants to enjoy clear, natural vision all day, without the use of contact lenses or spectacle.

Unlike laser eye surgery EyeDream is non-invasive and reversible, this makes it one of the best alternatives for anyone who has considered refractive surgery, but are concerned with the risks.

EyeDream is recommended for patients who…

    • Have a spherical spectacle prescription of -0.75D up to -5.00D
    • Have astigmatism of up to -2.50D
    • Want clear natural vision all day
    • Find that soft contact lenses aren’t comfortable
    • Are involved in sport and other recreational activities
    • Do not wish to wear spectacles
    • Have considered laser surgery but are concerned with the risks

Without the limitations that come with soft lenses or daily wear rigid contact lenses, EyeDream is ideal for people who want to enjoy an active lifestyle.

How much is EyeDream?

The treatment is comparable in price to wearing a pair of quality, daily- disposable contact lenses every day. EyeDream contact lenses should be changed every six months in order to ensure that they continue to provide optimum vision correction.

Initially you would need to have a general eye exam followed by an Ortho-K consultation.

EyeDream Ortho-K (Overnight Vision Correction)
Advanced Eye Examination
Sight test, general eye health examination, digital ocular imaging, and scans as clinically necessary.
£55 (<25) / £95 (>25)
No charge for existing
Eyeplan members
Initial consultation, one-off design fee for computerised eye mapping and bespoke contact lens design, fitting, tuition and diagnostic follow up (overnight, after 1 week and then 3 weeks),
with contact lens solution
Covers ongoing eye exams, aftercare and 6 monthly replacement contact lenses with solutions£55 per month

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