Ortho-K for children and Myopia control

Ortho-K lenses for children are specially made to be worn safely while they sleep. Whilst sleeping they gently reshape the front of their eye. They remove these lenses in the morning and they can see clearly for the rest of the day when they wake up

Is Ortho-K suitable for my child?

  • Ortho k is suitable for prescriptions up to -5.00 (combined power)
  • Children whose myopia is rapidly getting worse
  • Children who find soft contact lenses uncomfortable and especially if the eyes are dry
  • Children who play sports in particular those who are keen swimmers and divers
  • Children are not suitable for laser surgery as their eyes are still developing
  • Children who are very active and often lose or damage their glasses

Are there any risks to my child with Ortho-K?

Ortho-K is very safe, however, as with all treatments there is always an element of risk. It is important to minimise the chance of any eye infections by following our guidelines to ensure good hygiene and cleaning practices.

Myopia Information

There is, as yet, no cure for myopia. The physical change of the elongated eyeball cannot be reversed (even laser-eye surgery cannot do this) and that is why myopia control is so important.

The aim is to slow down, or halt, the progression of myopia, and this is becoming increasingly effective, especially in children and teenagers.

Orthokeratology is playing a key role in myopia control all over the world. Recent studies have indicated that myopia develops at a much slower rate, and can even be halted, in children fitted with orthokeratology lenses.

The results vary for each individual child, but most experts maintain that these lenses are the best available option for children suffering from myopia.

Research indicates that children who are genetically predisposed to myopia (children with short-sighted parents) can reduce their chances of developing the condition by increasing the amount of time they spend outdoors. It is believed that natural, outdoor light on the retina protects the eye from lengthening and therefore becoming myopic.

Around 14 hours a week spent outdoors has been shown to reduce the chance of a person becoming myopic – even in overcast weather. Unfortunately, once a child becomes short-sighted, the amount of time spent outdoors ceases to impact on the eye, so exposure to natural light is only preventative. It should however, be considered from as early in a child’s life as possible.

Summary of the benefits on Ortho-K lenses for Children

  • Freedom from glasses and contact lenses during the day
  • Children do not need to worry about losing their glasses or contact lenses whilst playing sports or swimming
  • The potential of slowing down the progression of myopia
  • Parents have control over when the child is wearing their lenses

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