Anglo American Glasses

Anglo-American frames are made with lightweight, cotton & tree pulp-based acetate. This all-natural hypoallergenic material ensures that there is minimal chance of reaction for those with sensitive skin. Worn by many famous faces such as Kim Basinger in the 1989 ‘Batman’, Christopher Reeves in ‘Superman’, Diane Keaton in ‘Annie Hall’, Barry Humphries, Dame Edna, Woody Allen and Elton John to name a few.

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What's The Story?

Anglo American Optical was established as a family business way back in 1882 by Stanley Druiff. Stanley was an Englishman that travelled to the US to buy glasses to sell on his return to the UK. In 1947 Arthur Jenkin bought the company at just 13 years of age! Yes, you read that correctly, he bought the company at 13 years of age with earnings from repairing binoculars for the British and Canadian forces in World War II. Anglo American Optical has since passed through 3 generations with each family member leaving their successful trailblazing marks that have made the business continue to grow. Anglo American Optical still remains a family business today.

Their long history and years of experience make them the trusted retro glasses designer that we still value. Anglo American Optical appreciate that fitting a pair of spectacles is a skilled process and to ensure that wearers of their frames experience this, they sell only to Opticians.

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