LaFont Glasses

With over ninety years of experience, Lafont’s mantra is, ‘glasses hand made in France, making Parisian chic accessible worldwide.’

Each glasses frame takes 8-14 weeks to make and involves 120 to 220 successive operations, depending on the complexity of the product, most of these processes are done by hand. At the end of manufacturing, each frame bares the stamp ‘made in France’ which is only awarded to eligible products where each component of the finished article is proudly made in France.

Lafont frames all have one thing in common: a subtly rebellious, discreetly avant-garde touch of refinement. Their unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values are all backed by a name we can depend on: Lafont.

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What's The Story?

In 1923, Louis Lafont set up a small boutique selling hearing aids and glasses. Even now (three generations later) Louis’ art deco visions are honoured in the long-loved styles seen in Lafont eyewear. Louis’ grandson Phillipe and his wife Laurence (a Parisian fashion designer) create spectacles that can genuinely be seen as a fashion accessories, rather than a necessity.  The couple produces many innovative products and has collaborated with major fashion houses such as Hermès and Chanel. The Paris institution now runs 4 boutiques and exports frames to over 40 countries.

You can see Lafont frames play with colour, shapes, and patterns, but we absolutely love their use of genuine Liberty materials that are encapsulated in some of their frames, preserving a piece of high fashion history.

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