SALT. Glasses

Californian, indipendant & inspired by nature. Designed by opticians to ensure a great fit and using best-in-class materials selected to fit comfortably, manufactured in Japan to the highest standards. All this, to achieve the best fitting glasses that are timeless.

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What's The Story?

SALT. is an independent premium eyewear brand from coastal California, with frames that feature timeless styles and luxury materials designed with fit and comfort in mind. We are often asked what the difference is between glasses when it comes to price and quality, to which we would pass you two opposites to demonstrate the difference. In this scenario, a SALT frame is the premium frame that we might pass you as an example of superb quality and refinement.

In the way that we appreciate a well-made watch or intricate piece of jewellery, it’s all in the details. At first sight, you can see that the density and finishing of the materials used are of superior quality. In fact, SALT frames are proudly handcrafted by artisans using methods that date back generations, designed by Opticians to ensure a great fit. They use exclusive Japanese acetate with colours only found at SALT. as well as using premium Japanese Aerospace grade titanium in their metals collection. Their acetate material is created from cotton seeds and wood pulp, which allows it to be hypoallergenic and sustainable. SALT is committed to using only the most premium handmade cellulose acetate in the world.

The beautiful thing about SALT for us is that the colours of their acetate glasses are inspired by nature. A SALT. photographer explores and captures the beauty of different landscapes, minerals and colours that occur in nature. These photographs are then used to inspire the next colour combinations for the next frame design.
Side by side, photo to frame, SALT captures the beauty of nature effortlessly.

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