WOOW Glasses

Pronounced WOOW like woo hoo not wow! It’s no surprise that WOOW glasses are a little different and stand out from the crowd, inspiring wearers to bend the rules and enjoy shattering every norm. WOOW proudly asserts and displays its values and colours in it’s vibrant collection. This fabulous brand offers a real positivity filter to bring colour to your everyday life in style!

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What's The Story?

WOOW glasses are the banner for those who are not afraid to stand out and push their limits. Their concept combines well with their evocative frame names like: STAND OUT, BREAK FREE, NO GENDER…
In a quest for freedom, the spirit of offbeat chic permeates the entire collection: unique shapes combined with quirks that appear to pop out of the frame; unexpected cut-outs invite you to broaden your field of vision.

A carefully selected palette of colours and materials cultivates the never-seen-before, like the ultra-blue colour or the explosive architectural marbled shell pattern.
WOOW glasses encourage us all to flirt with the limits, and turn the classics upside down: surprise yourself, reinvent yourself, and be WOOW.

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