How To Elevate Your Tennis Game

Tennis Sunglasses Tennis sunglasses from Maui Jim are crafted to meet the demands of players Sharp, clear vision is vital for the quick reactions and split-second decisions tennis players make with every point. They feature PolarizedPlus2 lenses that block harmful UV rays and also eliminate glare. These lenses provide unmatched contrast, superior clarity, enhanced perception, […]

Happy New Year from Blackheath Eyecare

Blackheath Eyecare refit January 2016

Happy New Year! We’re getting into the final stages of our refurbishment. Have you had a peek through the shutters? Should you have any queries, our phone lines are now open. Our practice will officially re-open on Thursday January 7th. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Blackheath Eyecare’s new image!

Blackheath Eyecare concept 2016

Exciting changes are about to be made to our practice. We are having a makeover! We will be closed for refurbishment from Monday 7th December and will re-open early January 2016. Should you have any queries during this period, our phone lines will be working as normal up until Wednesday 23rd December. Here’s a sneak […]

Dry Eyes treatments at Blackheath Eyecare

Dry eyes treatments Blackheath Eyecare

Omega 3 Fatty Acids have been found to be greatly beneficial to eye health. Omega 3’s can be derived from nuts, flaxseed oil and oily fish such as tuna, salmon or mackerel, and are vital for macula health and improving dry eye related conditions. Ask us about dry eye assessment.

Macular Degeneration

macular degeneration Blackheath Eyecare

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the UK. The macular is the part of the eye responsible for detailed central vision. If there is a change at the macular, then tasks such as reading, sewing or watching TV will be affected. The change is purely a loss of vision, causes no pain or […]

Blue Light and You …

Blue light blocker coatings Blackheath Eyecare

What’s all the fuss about blue light and our eyes? Blue light is a 40nm band of visible light that has been found to result in retinal cell damage, however, it also helps to regulate our sleep cycle. Blue light is emitted from the sun, LED and fluorescent lighting, TVs, computer screens and smart phones. […]