What is BlephEx?

Blepharitis is a common and recurring inflammatory condition that requires long term, daily management with home remedies. For most people, daily hot compresses and lid hygiene regimes are too inconvenient and time-consuming and are often abandoned or only done sporadically. BlephEx is an eyelid treatment performed by an Optometrist in a half hour appointment. It […]

Eyeplan Christmas Hamper.

For our valued patients, Blackheath Eyecare and Eyeplan wanted to thank our members for their loyalty. As a token of appreciation, we offered a chance to win a luxury hamper. The winners were announced just before Christmas. Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value from your local independent optician […]

Remembrance Day

If you are able, please observe the Two Minute Silence this remembrance day.

Happy Halloween!

If you wear cosmetic contact lenses please obtain from reputable sources. For further information please see the Halloween advice page of Love Your Lenses or contact us.

When was your last eye examination?

The majority of eye health conditions are silent and show NO SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS until it is too late. Regular checks allow detection of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure at very early stages, just by looking into your eyes! If you can’t remember when you last had your eyes checked, come in […]

Do you have Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is the strain on the eyes that occurs through the use of digital displays (computers, digital devices etc.) over prolonged length of time. Common symptoms associated are eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eye and neck/shoulder pain. These symptoms may also be caused by factors such as uncorrected vision, poor lighting […]

Happy 90th Birthday to HM Queen Elizabeth II!

The Queens's 90th Birthday

Your may have you heard of her preferred spectacle maker, Silhouette. Silhouette eyewear was founded in Austria, and are renowned for their extremely light-weight rimless and acetate frames. New designs have just landed in store – Come and take a look!

Blinking Good Time…

Blinking face

?Did you know… Each blink lasts 0.3 to 0.4 seconds. We usually blink about five times a minute for about 18 hours a day, adding up to 30 minutes a day. This means, in an average lifetime, we have our eyes shut from blinking for about 5 years!