What is BlephEx?

Blepharitis is a common and recurring inflammatory condition that requires long term, daily management with home remedies. For most people, daily hot compresses and lid hygiene regimes are too inconvenient and time-consuming and are often abandoned or only done sporadically.

BlephEx is an eyelid treatment performed by an Optometrist in a half hour appointment. It tackles blepharitis much more quickly and effectively than home remedies. The treatment works by removing the troublesome lid crusting and inflammatory biofilm that is associated with blepharitis. This biofilm is a major contributing factor to symptoms, as it contains bacteria and exotoxins that cause inflammation. A high speed rotating sponge that has been soaked in lid cleaner clears debris and biofilm from the lid margins. The treatment is like having an eyelid cleanse, and patients often report feeling a difference straight away.