The Importance of Advanced Eyecare Examinations for Children

Our eyesight is a precious gift, a portal that allows us to observe the world, learn, interact and marvel at life’s wonders. So it goes without saying, when it comes to your children’s health, their eye health is paramount. Adults routinely opt for advanced eye examinations to ensure the upkeep of their eyesight, but is this beneficial for children too? The simple answer is yes! Let’s delve deeper into why advanced eye examinations are just as important for our young ones.

Unraveling The Importance

Children are dynamic beings, their bodies constantly developing, changing and adapting. And so do their eyes. In today’s world where digital screens have become ubiquitous, children are being exposed to them from a tender age. This prolonged exposure can trigger vision issues such as myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness.

If you thought this wasn’t alarming enough, studies suggest that childhood myopia is on the rise worldwide. A regular, comprehensive eye examination can not only recognise signs of myopia at an early stage, but also other vision-related problems, facilitating a quicker resolution and brighter outlook.

The Advanced Technology – Optomap

Optomap, a revolutionary retinal imaging technology, has become an indispensable tool for advanced eye examinations. It captures an ultra-widefield digital image of the retina, the key to our ability to see, helping to detect early signs of diseases. It’s painless, non-invasive, and importantly, it doesn’t require dilation.

Benefits of this scan for children’s eyecare are substantial. This scan enables optometrists to get a comprehensive view of your child’s retina without any discomfort or intrusive procedures, and this goes a long way in diagnosing potential problems and starting treatment in the earliest stage possible. It aids in monitoring children’s eye health and evaluating their vision development as they grow.

All About Convenience and Comfort

Understanding the importance of children’s eyecare, we at Blackheath Eyecare pride ourselves on providing advanced eye examinations as a standard service for all clients, regardless of age. We house the latest technology, including the optomap scan, and skilled professionals ready to help take care of your child’s eyesight.

Moreover, we offer a range of myopia management services, aiming to keep as much eye care as possible under one roof. The benefit? Your children grow comfortable and confident seeing familiar faces in a familiar environment. It makes regular eye check-ups a smooth process and creates a strong bond between your child and their eye health provider, fostering an open dialogue about any vision concerns.

What to Expect

Children’s advanced eye examinations at Blackheath Eyecare are detailed and comprehensive. For children and young adults up to the age of 24, the appointments last 30 minutes and cost £55. This is a small investment considering it gives a detailed insight into your child’s eye health. We also offer Eyeplan membership for clients wanting long-term eye health care, providing preferential pricing on spectacles and covers the cost of eye examinations starting from only £7 per month.

It’s time we change our outlook and start taking children’s eyecare as seriously as we do adults’. With advanced eye examinations, early detection and proactive treatment of any issues are possible. Give your children the gift of perfect vision; book an appointment with us today!