Prolonging the Life of Your New Glasses: Wear and Care Guide

Thank you for entrusting us at Blackheath Eyecare with your vision needs.

You’ve just invested in a beautiful pair of glasses and we’re confident you’ll love the clarity and comfort they offer. To help keep your glasses in tip-top condition for as long as possible, we’ve compiled some helpful guidelines and tips below.

  1. Handling Your Glasses: When removing or putting on your glasses, always use both hands. It helps distribute the pressure evenly and prevents them from misalignment. Make sure to grip the frames, not the lenses to avoid fingerprints or scratches.
  2. Cleaning Your Glasses: The ideal method is to use a coating-friendly spray or warm water. Spray or rinse thoroughly and dry using a clean, soft microfibre cloth. Please avoid using tissues, paper towels, or your clothes to wipe the lenses as their coarse fibres could lead to scratches. We recommend against using household glass or surface cleaners as these may have chemicals harmful to your glasses.
  3. Storing Your Glasses: When you are not wearing your glasses, store them in a hard-shell case to protect them from dust, scratches, and accidental breakage. Avoid placing them lenses side down on any surface.
  4. Daily Habits: Make sure to remove your glasses before applying hairspray, perfume, or any cosmetic product. Such products could cause a damaging film to develop on the lenses.
  5. Sunglasses: Just like your regular eyewear, sunglasses require special care too. Always rinse them off after exposure to saltwater or chlorine to prevent any damage.
  6. Heat Exposure: Extreme heat can warp your glasses and cause lens coatings to marble. So, refrain from leaving your glasses in a hot car, near the stove or oven, or out in direct sunlight for a long period.
  7. Regular Adjustments: Over time, your glasses may need small adjustments, such as tightening the screws or adjusting the temple tips for a better fit. You can always return to Blackheath Eyecare, and our experts will be happy to assist you.
  8. Annual Eye Exams: Regardless of how well you maintain your glasses, your prescription may change over time. So, we strongly suggest scheduling an annual eye examination.

At Blackheath Eyecare, we pride ourselves on not only providing quality eyewear but also ensuring that our customers get the most from their purchases. Rest assured that our commitment to your visual well-being doesn’t end once you leave the practice. If you have any questions about maintaining your glasses or if you require an adjustment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Take good care of your glasses and they’ll reward you with clear, comfortable vision for years to come. Here’s to a lifetime of clear vision!

The Blackheath Eyecare Team.