Dutz Glasses

Dutz is a fun collection of spectalces. Designed in-house at Dutz headquarters and with control over the entire process, care is taken to produce shapes and styles well fitted to their wearers wants and needs. Dutz goes the extra mile to be different which makes them noticeable at first glance. ‘So Dutz!’

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What's The Story?

Dutz Eyewear started in 2005 with customers’ wants and needs in mind. ‘Too boring, not in my size, not enough choice’ are not phrases associated with this brand, in-fact you can go ahead and apply the opposite.

With a plethora of shape designs and colour combinations, there are plenty of styles to suit most prescriptions, face shapes and sizes. Dutz listens carefully to its customers and makes good on its promise to be different and to produce exciting options for those that may otherwise struggle to find something large or small. The Dutz philosophy is that everyone can be “So Dutz!” There is no need to compromise on design and style when looking for a large or petite frame when Dutz is up to the challenge.

From its initial designs to the production of the components, everything is done in-house which results in a quality collection of frames that are comfortable and look and feel good. They also use allergy-friendly and stainless steel materials.

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