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“For me, designing glasses is a fascinating and challenging labour of love I gladly devote my experience to. Designing glasses challenges me equally on an aesthetic and mechanical level. When I developed my first pair of glasses over 25 years ago, it was the beginning of a passion that continues to inspire me to this day. The aesthetics, zeitgeist, materials, fine mechanical solutions, and lately also the possibilities of 3-D printing – these are all part of the formula for making beautiful glasses.” – Sven Götti, Founder

Götti was founded in 1998 with its focus being on innovation, quality, and sustainability. Designed under the leadership of Sven Götti in the company’s own workshop, each frame has unmistakable minimalist and design characteristics that are clearly discernible.

Frames start from hand-drawn sketches and design ideas to marketing, production and then distribution, to end up on the faces of people worldwide. Most of the process takes place at Wädenswil headquarters in Switzerland and solely acetate and titanium glasses are produced in collaboration with specialised manufacturers in Germany, Austria, and Japan.

It’s rare to find a glasses brand that has something for almost everyone, but do not underestimate Götti’s ability to incorporate boldness, technological engineering and 3D printing. Minimalism isn’t boring where Götti has involved, it’s refined, elegant and distinctive.

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