Sunglasses FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I don’t mind the sun in my eyes, do I still need to wear sunglasses?

Yes. The sun has damaging UV rays that can cause photokeratitispingueculae and can permanently damage your eyes.back to FAQ

Can certain medical problems increase my risk for damage from UV rays?

Yes. People with cataracts (or who’ve had cataract surgery) and macular degeneration should be more careful. Read more about this in our Glossary of common eye conditions.back to FAQ

What are my options to prevent damage to my eyes?

You must wear sunglasses to prevent damage to your eyes. Look for sunglasses that protect you from 100% of UV light. You also may want to consider wrap-around sunglasses to prevent harmful UV rays from entering around the frame.back to FAQ

What are the different kinds of lenses available?

There are many different lenses available. We have summarised the different types below:-Polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating cut reflected glare. These are premium lenses with many benefits. Please see our Benefits of polarised sunglasse page for more information.Mirror-coated lenses limit the amount of light entering your eyes, so you’re more comfortable.Graduated lenses are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is darker than the bottom part of it; they’re good for driving.Photochromic lenses adjust their level of darkness based on the amount of UV light they’re exposed to. Please see our photochromic lenses page for more information.back to FAQ

What’s the difference between the lens colours?

Colour is a personal choice and does not affect how well the lenses protect your eyes from UV light. Gray and brown are popular because they distort colours the least. Athletes may choose other tints for their colour-enhancing properties.back to FAQ

Do I still need those “UV Protective” sunglasses if my lenses are really dark?

Yes. The degree of darkness has no effect on UV rays. For adequate protection, you need to buy sunglasses that indicate they block 100% of the sun’s UV rays. See our Benefits of sunglasses page for more informationback to FAQ

Children don’t need sunglasses, do they?

Children are at particular risk because they are in the sun much more than adults and their eyes are more sensitive as well. UV damage is cumulative over a person’s lifetime, which means you should begin protecting your child’s eyes as soon as possible.Most parents would not allow their children to go outside without shoes, yet many seem unaware of the need to protect their children’s eyes.back to FAQ

I wear glasses. What options are available to me?

You can buy prescription sunglasses or glasses with photochromic lenses.We stock Leader rimless SunClips which combine style with advanced lens technology. The rimless design eliminates the “male-look” top bar found on ordinary clip-on’s. No other clip-on provides more features with a back surfaced antireflective coating on a polarised polycarbonate lenses. Having clip-on’s will complement Transitions Lenses which are not 100% effective in a car. We recommend that you buy multiply sun clips so you can keep one in the car and at the office etc. Clip-ons are a less expensive option and can be bought at the same time as your regular eyeglasses to perfectly match the frames.Magnetic attachments may also be available.