Prolonging the Life of Your New Glasses: Wear and Care Guide

Thank you for entrusting us at Blackheath Eyecare with your vision needs. You’ve just invested in a beautiful pair of glasses and we’re confident you’ll love the clarity and comfort they offer. To help keep your glasses in tip-top condition for as long as possible, we’ve compiled some helpful guidelines and tips below. At Blackheath […]

The Glasses Fairy Chronicles: A Playful Guide to Eyewear Aftercare

Welcome to the whimsical world of eyewear care, where the mischievous Glasses Fairy occasionally plays pranks on your precious glasses. Fear not, for this lighthearted guide will help you protect your eyewear from the clutches of the Glasses Fairy. Additionally, we’ll provide tips for maintaining your frames and lenses in tip-top shape, so you can […]

The Importance of Advanced Eyecare Examinations for Children

Our eyesight is a precious gift, a portal that allows us to observe the world, learn, interact and marvel at life’s wonders. So it goes without saying, when it comes to your children’s health, their eye health is paramount. Adults routinely opt for advanced eye examinations to ensure the upkeep of their eyesight, but is […]

Myopia: A Must-Know for Every Parent

While nurturing a child’s growth, we pay attention to various aspects such as diet, academic progress, and social behaviour. However, one area often overlooked is vision health. Given the surge in screen time and near vision educational activities, kids nowadays experience limited time outdoors and are exposed to electronic devices from an early age, leading […]

Vision and Precision: The Vital Importance of Early Detection in Eye Health

As Benjamin Franklin once famously stated, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This adage rings particularly true in the realm of eye health, where early detection is absolutely crucial. Our eyes don’t merely act as the windows to our surrounding world, they also give crucial clues about our internal health. Regular […]

Perfect Vision: A Comprehensive Guide to Do’s and Don’ts of Contact Lens Wear

Hello vision seekers! If you’ve made the decision to wear contact lenses, then congratulations – you are about to embark on a life of clearer sight and convenience. However, the freedom from glasses comes with a fresh set of responsibilities. That’s right, we’re talking about the correct care and maintenance of your contact lenses. Here, […]

A Guide to Contact Lenses for Children

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to see children, some as young as five years old, confidently sporting contact lenses. It might seem quite surprising, given the general misconception that children and contact lenses don’t mix well. However, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Children are not only capable of handling […]

Eyeplan Christmas Hamper.

For our valued patients, Blackheath Eyecare and Eyeplan wanted to thank our members for their loyalty. As a token of appreciation, we offered a chance to win a luxury hamper. The winners were announced just before Christmas. Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value from your local independent optician […]

Remembrance Day

If you are able, please observe the Two Minute Silence this remembrance day.